Server Settings:
– Active 24/7
– Automatically updated to the latest version of the game
– Rebuilt scenario Default survival
– Various fixes – PVPVE
– CPU, Mass and Volume ON
– Blueprints class size: 100
– Custom: Loot, Weapons, Tools, Suits, Boosters and many more
– Increased fight ranges in space
– Modified: Crafting, Trade with NPCs, Ammo, Plants, Creatures
– Consistently managing points in the tech tree Configuration in progress, we pay attention to players comments and ideas for further improvement.

Configs preparing by: Pablo
Starting Playfields prepared by: Pablo, PaNDemoN86

Mail: admin@empyrion.pl
Direct connection:

Discord:  https://discord.gg/KxFCFKeygW

Website: http://empyrion.pl/

Feel into the world of survival,
Good luck.